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We, keeping the green initiative as our driving force, aim to provide our solar products at an affordable cost. We serve the residential community, business houses and medium to large commercial and utility scale market.
We offer a wide range of solar panels and inverters enabling the customers with a variety of options. All our solar equipment is sourced from trusted and reputable manufacturers, ensuring the best quality products.

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Our Products

Australian Premium Solar

Australian Premium Solar (APS) is 100% Australian owned, managed and operated.

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Universal Solar Group Solar

World’s trusted manufacturer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules Un-rivaled manufacturing

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TN Solar

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Opal Solar

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar (NYSE:TSl) has established itself as a leader

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Trina Solar

Clean power from the Australian sun with LG’s
Mono X™ modules.

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LG Solar

Clean power from the Australian sun with LG’s
Mono X™ modules.

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We offer a range of services
Solar Technology has advanced to provide you with a variety of green solutions
Solar system for residents and commercial
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I had Mr Solar install a 10kW system for my household. I received a fully installed system at a very good price. The service I received was top class and Mr Solar is a company that I most definitely refer to anybody interested in making the jump to solar energy.

Christian Wright

I purchased a 5kW solar system. My electricity bill was originally around $420 and now I pay $50-$70 quarterly. When I chose Mr Solar, I had sent quote requests out to a few different companies. As the time came up for me to make a decision, I was exposed to the hidden costs that the other companies were charging me on top of the original prices that they had given me. However, with Mr Solar, the price he gave was all I had to pay at the end with no additional hidden costs or fees. Very helpful and very good service.

Gurjant Singh